Friday, July 8, 2011

making the most of the holiday weekend!

i ADORE the Fourth of July.  it's my favorite holiday!  i love the weather, snacks, fireworks, friends, and patriotisim.  we made the most of our holiday weekend this year!

friday:  date night (ish).  pete and i went to dinner before he headed to a high school friend's birthday party.  i was supposed to go, but wasn't feeling it.  since jack was staying at my parents' house, i jumped on the chance to be completely by myself for the evening.  it was fantastic!  i took the time to prep the backyard a bit with some festive decor:

pinwheels for the kiddos
my attempt at disguising the ever-dirty windows
our tutorials for regional hot dog toppings

set up for eating + drinking
the boys usually hang here, ladies on the lawn with the kids running wild!
flags + citronella tealights in canning jars

i also watched all four episodes of 'parenthood' that were on demand.  i'm hooked!  thanks, les!

satruday:  so, all by myself, i headed to panera to have a bagel on the patio.  i read a little, daydreamed a little, and made a few lists.  after grocery shopping (at the ripe hour of 8am!  still can't do the sleeping-in thing, as hard as i try!), i headed home to start some baking/cooking for our 2nd annual hot dog party, 1st here!  the boys came home around 11, with andy in tow (a different friend of pete's from high school) to prepare the backyard, porch, and house for the party.

here's andy
he looks creepy taking a pic of the kids swimming, but he's not.
i promise.

saturday night:  hot dog party!!  we welcomed friends and neighbors over for hot dogs, drinks, snacks, desserts, and sides.  it was hot outside, perfect for water play and frosty beverages.
i've never set out so many condiments!
like i said, guys chilling here.
pool time + cantelope = jack and mar's fav activity
and the ladies on the lawn
becca + mike brought firemen hats and tattoos!
jack loves baby jimmy (mallory)
berks was the only doggie this year :(
of course, pepper and bailey were here, but they had to stay inside
not the most well-mannered pups...
nighttime lights
again, lights are my fav!


tricia said...

LOVE the hot dog topping tutorial and all of the awesome decorations!

i've always thought you need to open your own business doing party planning. yes?

Leslie said...

1. where was the rhode island hot weiner?!

2. andy always looks creepy! :)

3. can't believe it was only a year ago when hudson faked his sprained ankle.

4. parenthood is SO GOOD, right?! i love the home decor in all of the siblings' places. and duh, lorelai, duh.

5. great work at the partay!