Friday, July 22, 2011

eupropean vacation

for my parents!  my mom has always wanted to, but if you've ever met my dad or know anything about him, traveling is NOT his cup of tea.  unless it involves {driving, not flying to} classic cars, gambling, or giving his kids a good time (hellllo disneyland and cross-country excursions!), he's not so game.  add in a foreign language and food?  no bueno.  

anyhoo, for their 35th anniversary, he agreed to a trip to england, franch, and italy.  my mom was thrilled and doubted the vacation until we dropped them off at the airport {she was definitely expecting a last-minute cancellation}.  dad told me as i hugged him, 'don't be surprised if we come home early' {insert dad smirk}.  mom was not.happy.  

we've received a few emails and texts, some of which say, 'dad's not so happy about being away from home'.   and today, little jack received this postcard from paris disneyland {mind you, this was a whole      days into the 20-day-long trip}: 

see dad's note:
I want to come home!  Grandpa
{pete and i can't get enough laughter out of it!}
{like he was kidnapped or something!!!!}
{hope you can laugh, too}
we are off to another camping trip {hopefully longer than last time!!}, have a fabulous weekend!!!


devon lorraine ... said...

i am totally getting a kick out of it!

Laura & Eric said...

I was just laughing to hard!!!! Dad cracks me up!!!!!

Leslie said...

OMG~!!! He's so hilarious!! Way to keep character, john.