Saturday, July 30, 2011

laundry room before + after

with a little one on the way, i've created the longest to-do list ever.  i don't know if i'm already 'nesting' but whatever it is, i have an overwhelming feeling that i need to get things done around here!  i thought if i let you in on my list, and posted before and afters, that i may make more progress.  here's number one (and a totally unnecessary nonbaby related project):

laundry room:
1. paint (did this one a bit back) & touch up
2. paint doors, cabinets
3. put in new knobs

laundry room before

we kept the kindergarten flooring and laminate sink area, for money and convenience sake.  i'm totally ok with it and used it to get my bright color scheme together.  {'cause laundry sucks, and sunshineyness doesn't.} the floor is blue, gold, and red, so i used these colors to draw the wall paint and accent pieces.  i used to have a total rooster kitchen in red and gold, so i used some of that decor along with pictures from a college pad.  i used a christmas yarn wreath, added felt flowers, and painted doors/cabinets white (they were a yellowy color) to make the trim in the rest of the house.  all-in-all, i only bought paint!  yay!  

ps. i also realized that i never really posted before and afters of inside the house (did i?), so you may see some before, before, after pics, especially for the baby's new room and jack's room.  


Leslie said...

i had no idea there were so many colors in that flooring. also, what the heck is floating on the wall in the before photo? the red thing? what is that?

jen said...

just one of the gazillion extra-super-creeeeeeepy things this house had in it. serious vision to look past that.

does it look like a kkk hat with an eye and yarn-ball decoration?

they were so weird. wait until you see jack's room, the living room, and dining room befores. the laundry room was pretty tame, i didn't even notice that!

jen said...

i think it's an old dusting mitt! with a flag hanging out of it! the eye? i have no.idea.

Jason & Kristin said...

Love these always have great ideas!

tricia said...