Saturday, July 3, 2010

gourmet hot dogs & dogs & kids

all week pete and i have been watching the food network - trying to beat the lull of reruns. we happened upon a throwndown with bobby flay featuring HOT DOGS. yes! a plan for a weekend dinner! we created an evite on friday and got a (larger than expected, but so happy!) group together for our gourmet hot dog bbq.we were so excited to have the following join us:
jamie, leslie, and huddy
cory, marley, and riley (timbo was at work - boo valero)
jason, paige, ava, and aunt kerry garben
jimmy and shannon (carrying TWINS)
mike, becca, and berkeley
tara and dexter
jd, stacey, and vixen

we chilled in the grass with our canine friends and the bubble machine:we ate yummy food (though not as gourmet as we originally thought...):
we had the best night! thanks for such a good time family & friends... this may become a green family tradition!! have a happy and safe 4th of July!


Leslie said...

i can't believe how quickly you got those up! we just got home, dog fed, face washed, and into bed. you're amazing.

we had a terrific time!!! love you all.

devon lorraine ... said...

i wish i could have been at this bbq!! looks perfect!