Thursday, December 29, 2011

walks with grammy, pe-paw, aunt sara, and gingy

we love meeting pete's parents+sis+pooch for walks!  i'm snap-happy with jack as my subject:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

costanzo family christmas!

picture heavy - sorry!
 cuddling baby dino :)
 present time!
  with the 2nd cousins:
 paper fight!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas eve, eve!

we spent a lovely day hanging out today!  jack and gran made cookies, pete and i spent some time organizing christmas stuffs, we made some hand-dipped apricots and a christmas craft for grammy and pi-paw, and watched some christmas shows.  it was so nice and relaxing!  i am SUPER excited for tomorrow and christmas morning!  tomorrow we'll spend the day with grammy, pi-paw, aunt sara, and ginger, taking a nice winter walk, eating crab, and sharing the spirit.  when we get home we need to make santa's cookies and we'll enjoy a fire (to warm up the chimney!) and read 'twas the night before christmas.  we'll open our 'christmas eve' presents (standard pjs!) and snuggle for the night.  the excitement is building 'round here, with the elf on the shelf, christmas carols, christmas books and decor, jack is getting PUMPED for santa to come!  looking forward to the weekend and wishing everyone a very merry christmas!!

pj day at preschool!

the last day before vacation was pj day at jack's preschool - the kids looked so cute in their pjs and were even more adorable singing christmas carols at the end of their day!
i SO need a zoom lens.
if i stepped any closer, jack would've stopped singing!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

candy cane lane.

we love driving through this neighborhood in vacaville each year!

excited jack in his pjs
most of the houses have at least this many lights
jack liked the stables

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

pregnancy update!

we're 36 weeks and three days along!!!  it's unbelievable how fast this pregnancy has flown by!

we got to see our precious bundle yesterday and it was so exciting :).  with jack, the only ultrasounds i had were up to the 20 week one because we didn't want to know the sex. until now, it's been the same with this little one.  other mommies get to see their babies a lot more than we do, usually, but i still think the suprise is well worth it the suspense!  let me tell you, this babe is CUTE!  i know everyone says that, but really, he/she's so adorable.  looking just like little jack, with maybe more my lips.  dr. le offered up the sex, and even though we wanted to know SO.BAD, we didn't find out, pete kept his eyes closed (he has a knack for reading ultrasounds) and i stared intently at the screen to no avail (i'm horrible at reading ultrasounds!).  i need the inspo to try and get through labor in a month or less.

so excited over here!!

totally awkward belly pic:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas, check!

i think this is the first year EVER that i've been done for christmas before christmas eve!!  i actually finished everything, including wrapping, on the 7th.  that's because dr. le informed me on the 6th that if i go into labor (not likely, but still), they woudn't stop it and we'd have our new baby!  so exciting, but it really kicked me into gear on the christmas thing!  i immediately ran to purchase the remaining items on my list, picked up the final crafting things, and grabbed some baking stuffs.  home i went where i finished diy gifts and wrapped EVERYTHING.  and i am SO proud of my thoughtful gift-giving this year!  i can't WAIT until christmas morning 'round here!!
 now on to 'the list'.  i want to cook some food, clean the house, create a chore chart, and organize for visitors/helpers/guests for when the baby arrives.... and i still need to tackle a few things on that ever-growing, not-necessarily-baby-related, home to-do list!

but first, i think i'll bake some brownies ;).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy 1st of december!

we have a LOT of advent-y stuff going on this year (three traditional candy-window ones, the tree on our mantel, a jar filled with activities, and an elf on the shelf!).  more about our daily happenings as the month goes on, for now, a little holiday decor (inside):
jack and i made these glittery branches in the vase.
it was so fun!  via.
he also helped with the waterless sno-globe!  via
he glittered the sign (behind all the chaos), 'merry & bright'
our dinning room is glittery red + gold
(with a few specks of green)
i picked up these carolers for $10 last year
and our mantel!
i absolutely love having a mantel!