Thursday, June 28, 2012

magic jack

an inappropriate title for my little man's attempt at making his sister laugh!  success.  it was so funny, i wish i got the first part, but this part is enough for you to get the picture!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

maddy's first bite: rice cereal

maddy tried rice cereal for the first time last night!  i'm not so sure about her feelings on the actual food, but she does love sitting with us at the breakfast bar and she definitely loved being able to participate in a meal.

patiently waiting
the anticipation
first bite!
lunch today was interesting... she's always been a fan of food, but she was aggressively staring at jack's mac n cheese.  it was torture for her!!
 asking them to smile for a picture:
 jack consoling maddy, 'it's ok, baby sis, you'll get cereal later':

Thursday, June 21, 2012

simple joys.

savoring some watermelon:

enjoying (really, she is/does!) her turtle play center:
 spending some q.t. with big bro jack:

 loving on minnie:

 eating a bowl of greens taken from the counter as i made my lunch.  just greens.  he digs it:
 enjoying the sunset out our living room window:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

little miss maddy.

maddy was given the option to purchase this outfit or a pastel pink one.  when jack held up the two outfits she chose this one, not once, but twice.  we purchased it and i think it's her favorite summer 'fit!  it has a glittery thread running through it - SO her mommy's daughter - i LOVE glitter!!!  i also LOVELOVELOVE shopping for little girl clothes!!!!  oh my, it's so FUN!

she looks like jack here - minus the outfit
bell-bells and leggies!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

a saturday morning

my parents took jack and maddy so pete and i could dine on sushi a few weeks ago - we hadn't been to my favorite meal since before i was pregnant!!  it was so.good!!  we picked up maddy after dinner, but jack loves to stay behind for some extra-special g-parent time.  we missed the litle guy, but did enjoy the morning with just our little girl!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


we have old windows in all of our bedrooms and a very public view into our kitchen/hallway at night, so we decided to get shutters!  YAY!  i love shutters and have always wanted some :).

here's a quick before/after of just our kitchen window.  i'm slow to get the others photographed (and super embarrassed by my dirty windows!  our pest people just sprayed, then it was super windy/dusty, so they are FILTHY):

before                                                                                                     after
i love the privacy and trim it adds to our window -- some of our windows had trim, so they just added the slats, but others needed the whole trim (as in above).  the finished look is SO nice and the kids sleep in!!!!!  it's amazing!!

our neighbor sent pete a text that said, 'thanks a lot, pete.  now my wife wants shutters!'  pete responded with, 'it's like an STD.  we got it from jen's friends.  sorry man.'  {true story, cory has them in her new home which was the catalyst for finally making the call and getting a company out here for a quote!}

a question for those shutter owners - we had drapes in our bedrooms and now have the shutters.  can we keep the drapes or is that window covering over-kill?

{i am so bad about angles in before/afters, age comps, etc.  i really need to get that together!!}