Friday, November 23, 2012

so we don't forget!

-maddy very clearly said 'dada' yesterday.  she's been calling us by name 'mama' and 'dada' but usually when she's upset or crying, so we savored this call for attention while we were hanging in the family room
-whenever anyone says 'no', maddy's little lip pops out, she gathers all the tears she can muster, then lets out the saddest, most hurt little cry.  and you don't even have to be telling her no!
-maddy giggled today after she passed gas.  she looked right at jack and laughed.  super classy ;)
-jack and maddy spent half an hour jumping on the couch, rolling over each other  and laughing today = cuteness.  i can't let it go on, though, there is a strict (i'm trying!) 'no jumping' rule in our house.
-frosty the snowman was on this evening.  maddy instantly stopped throwing toys out of her basket and started swaying back and forth as the kids started to sing.  she then shook her head back and forth and bounced up and down - her usual dance moves.
-jack and pete set up our reindeer in the front yard today (now we have our family of four!!!!):

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maddy is 10 months today!

Time has flown by! So, so fast. We can't believe our little lady is ten months old...seriously?!?! I remember brining her home from the hospital like it was last week. She is such an amazing and wonderful, seems like she has always been here, addition to our family. She is sweet and sassy, friendly and feisty! She's starting to talk back to jack when he is in her face or takes a toy, but she also calls for him when he isn't around and follows him around with so much love and admiration in her eyes. She's daddy's little girl, thats for sure. He says no to her (like when she is about to electrocute herself on a plug) and her whole world crumbles. She doesn't forgive him for a while, so, so hurt that her precious daddy was a little mean. She still loves to nurse, but also chows down on whatever we are eating. Don't even try to feed her anything puréed! She JUST started sleeping through the night almost every night. She likes a morning and afternoon nap, three meals, nursing, cruising, jack's toys better than her own, dancing, and any song you can make with her name in it. She gets bashful with strangers, family, and friends, but warms after a bit. She will definitely give you a side smile while digging her face in my shoulder. We can't remember what it was like without our maddy girl!




Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not blogging again??

That's because this gorgeous baby has started sleeping through the night!!!!! We have a snack around 530 some nights, then she will sleep a little more. It's done wonders for us :)!




Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lawrence Hall of Science

Jack and Maddy needed a little educational outing this week. I needed a long drive with naps ;), so we loaded up and went to Berkeley to the Lawrence Hall of Science! I have been there before, taken my classes on field trips too, but couldn't quite remember if it was age-appropriate (besides a couple things) was over jack's head at times, but you wouldn't know it! I think the exposure did wonders for his science and math curiosity! Maddy had a great time too!! (It was also nice to exercise my teaching brain. I was amazed at how many concepts I freaked out about because I forgot them, just to have that familiar feeling of teaching confidence wash over me! So nice to know I've still got at least a little bit!)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apple Hill

Another year at our favorite fall spot! We went with the whole gang, us, giacobzzis, and gran and grandpa (not that I have any picture of anyone but the kiddos...)! I didn't feel like dragging around the camera, I haven't been feeling well lately - a cold or sinus thing - but a big ol headache wasn't going to stop me from the fall tradition!!

It was a beautiful day! Super sunny and slightly warm.

Check out maddy in the sunlight - her new hair is SO blond!!!

Mr Jack, shopping!


Munching on an apple :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daddy's little girl.

Maddy is so sweet. She just loves her family and is starting to display all sorts of affection. From the sweetest bashful smile, to saying 'up', waving, snuggling her head in your chest, and even the very occasional nap on your chest. She kisses, hugs, and lights up whenever one of us enters a room, or even if she catches glimpse of you while she's caring for her baby doll or playing with one of jack's toys. Her love for her brother is adorable, but her love for Pete melts everyone's hearts. She is a daddy's girl!





Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin patches: foggy Napa fun

The week of Halloween was a busy one, but Gran and I decided to make a trip to a patch in Napa before the big day. We arrived in flip flops and thin shirts, only to discover that we had entered the biggest fog bank ever and were surrounded by mist! The weather was due to change from the beautiful Indian summer to a rainy Halloween mess the next day, and it was hitting Napa a tad earlier than Fairfield. We bundled up with what I had in the car for cool summer nights: a too-small sweatshirt jacket for Jack and leg warmers and a Mr. T sweatshirt jacket for Maddy. Luckily the patch had a coffee shop, so gran and I kept warm that way! It was a really cute patch with rows of pumpkins and corn, a couple mazes of maize and a giant hay bale play structure and slide. The scenery was awesome too!


So foggy! And short jacket sleeves :(

It was perfect for running around!


Coming out from the slide!



Tunnel in the maze.

Jack was a pro! I kept having to remind myself that he couldn't see over the hay like I could, he was jammin'!

Our little gangster.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween: trick or treat!

After a traditional dinner of Mac and cheese, we headed out to visit some neighbors. It was a beautiful evening, until about 7pm, when the rain came poring down! Maddy, Anthony, Laura, Gran, Grandpa, and Unc Eric went to a few houses before sending Daddy, Unc David and Jack off to finish the circle! Unc JD had to leave early to man the door at his house down the street. Maddy and Anthony had no idea what was going on, but they did catch glimpses of their candy and wanted to play with the wrappers :).