Tuesday, July 26, 2011

camping, trip #3

last weekend our camping trip was fantastic!  we set up camp quickly, hiked to find our own private beach, pete took a swim, and we were settled.
boys hiking for a swimming spot
sugar pine cones!
they're gi-normous!
view from 'our' beach
little mr. independent
checking out the view
morning hike
his pjs are woodland animals :)
pete swimming
brrrr... could not pay me enough!
morning light
explaining how to cook eggs
or something like that...
running around like a wild man
kp duty
we did have an interesting saturday night - the campgrounds (and dumpster right by our site) were visited by Hershey, a BEAR!!!  they can be scary, but apparently this one is a regular and really has his eyes on the chocolate (hence his name) (sounds like me!).  pete slept with one eye open, but i slept through the whole thing! gotta love earplugs ;).


devon lorraine ... said...

i love these camping photos! i feel like i am camping with you!

jen said...

can you smell the pine?

i have a chicago friend here and she was totally freaked out about california bears -- to which thought i said, what? no biggie, you'll never have one around, i never have! i think i'll keep this to myself. do you not have bears in chicago? 'cause the internet says you do....

jen said...

and so does your mascot for football.