Monday, April 25, 2011

the day after easter.

overheard from jack to pete over a jelly bean:  what? the easter bunny brought me some more candy?  that was so nice of him!

savoring a whopper robin egg
this kid LOVES candy

posts to come:
laura's bach, part II, disneyland
around the house
she's fresh and clean!  laura gets showered again.
the easter bunny brings candy and eggs (shhhh, there's a chick inside!)
new business?  green family designs

Sunday, April 24, 2011

all my single ladies...put your hands up!

this doesn't make any sense, but i was reminded of this song while composing this post! did you know jack LOVED this song in it's hey-day?!? loved. he bounced around to it every time it was on. to celebrate laura's last days of being a 'single' lady (which i've always thought weird to say because technically, you aren't 'single' - just not married - i digress), which we celebrated in disneyland! yay for moh, allyn, and her mama, teresa, for thinking up this crazy idea and making it a reality. we had SO.MUCH.FUN.

bright and early jack, my mom, teresa, and i headed to anaheim. with a car full of snacks, gift bags, suitcases, and one very excited 3yr old we drove down the 5, stopping WAY too many times for potty breaks, but totally loving the fact that we could stop whenever we wanted! i feel like driving with guys (over age 10) makes the numerous potty stops a little less likely - anyone feel me here? i have to stop ALOT.

sheila and her pepsi
stopping might have something to do with my matching 44ouncer...
naw, definitely not.
we made it down by early afternoon, had a late lunch, then started prepping the room for the guest-of-honor's arrival.  she and her bridesmaids left after work.  allyn, the fabulous moh, gave us strict instructions on set-up.
allyn made each of us (including jack!) a gift bag with a TON of great stuff
i recorded laura's entrance.  double fisting - camera style.  oh how times have changed.
bride is super excited -- so is allyn, check out her face (tank+black hat)
let the slumber party begin!
jack's bag had all sorts of activities
mug making, color books, airplanes, candy -- so cute
opening all her goodies - comfy socks, YES!
bride to be + future mrs. giacobazzi
laura's loot
color coordinated, hand/homemade treat sticks
we spent the rest of the night playing apples to apples, eating pizza, and lounging.  jack was a trooper and endured his first (and only, mr. jackson steward green) all-girl slumber party (and last bachelorette -- right?!?!?).

stay tuned!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

we're off!

jack and i are leaving uber early tomorrow for this celebration:

how cute it that? laura's moh and friend since they were not even TWO invited us all to disneyland -- including little jack-a-roo! we've been talking about it for weeks and the trip is finally here!!!

she's such a great moh!!

we will be on the lookout to take a lot of character photos - especially of this guy:

and i believe he's tall enough to ride my FAVORITE fast ride (which i haven't ridden in over 5 years due to preggo-ness and having a little one too short! - i am SO excited!):

and we'll participate in the classics:

it'll be a fun girls+jack trip!! daddy will hold down the fort with pepper and bailey...

doing a little of this (meaning bbq and eat outside):

and a lot of this (fetch! minus the snow, of course):

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i love this commercial.

it's super fun, but it doesn't make me want to watch tv. it makes me want to dance. to run around in the backyard with jack. it's just too fun of a jingle! backfired on me... would it make you want to watch tv?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

showering laura (picture heavy)

my sister's bridal shower was this past weekend.  it was a total success!  the company was great, food awesome, decor as planned, and the bride and groom have a pretty stocked kitched!!  you can see craft details in this post, actual event below:
garland throughout - congrats laura + eric!
adding marriage words in the mix
i'm getting pretty quick at garland between this and becca's shower
roses as the flowers - laura's having most orangey flowers at her wedding
i tried to steer clear of wedding stuff since it's so close (4/30!!!)
laura's fav funfetti cupcakes + chocolate to satisfy my mom :)
this is her SUPER FAV - my 'strawberry thing'
bride + moh (allyn, 21 yr friendship here, folks!) getting grub
allyn + her mom cooked some yummy mac n cheese + a nice salad with bbq chicken wings and fruit.  YUM.
ladies! bride, moh, bridesmaid angelica, + ashley k.
ellen + aunt marianne
enjoying lunch
dessert table
these were the tie-in for the punched paper chain 
so. much. GREAT. stuff.
we played a version of BINGO with questions about laura + eric

basket presents and ribbon bouqet
i really need to learn not to put garland in windows for picture sake
but totally do it so i don't have to clean the gazillion windows in our home as well
one of laura's teacher + mom's friend tina with teresa (moh's mom!)
bride + moh
bridesmaid angelica, me, bride, + moh
(other bridesmaid samantha couldn't make it)
mom + bride + future mil helen
my mom + sis
they look so alike facebook + picasa tagged them as the same person
laura's rock + her bow bouquet

Monday, April 11, 2011

some upgrades to the front

after being 'numberless' for a year and a half (really, almost two), i broke out my silhouette and made a vinyl number!!  i like it's almost free-handed look. 

 i have noticed less confused drivers lately too!  our street is numbered in true numerical order.  start at the beginning of the street with one, round the corner with our 19 (18 across the street, 20 next door), all the way to 36 (my bro's house!).  to top off the confusion, our street became a circle after this genius number system, so there's a whole set of houses right around my corner.  the closest of which is #70.  yep.  genius! 

this was our junky mailbox.  and although it's still the same mailbox, 2 minutes + a can of black spray paint really did do wonders...

doncha think?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

did you know it snowed here? yesterday?!?!

thursday, 10am.
{ignore hand placement, he's 3}
hail, thunder immediately after a perfect sunshiney afternoon, 4pm.
my dogs are afraid of thunder.  they couldn't find the bathtub, so in my closet they went.
{kind of funny, kind of sad}
our backyard, 4:30pm.
and it's coming down and STICKING (39*) 4:45pm.
our poor flowers are so confused.
pepper is NOT.  she's a snow-dog.  and the thunder stopped!
{i think she thinks it was all worth it!!!}
wahoo!!  this is F-U-N!!!
got a little chilly, daddy's hat: ON!
happy camper!
{pepper can't get enough snow on her belly!}
it SNOWED mommy!!!!
making a snow-buuny
{'cause it's april and all....}
{but no idea}
'makes no sensssssse'
{you're welcome dev, tara, les}
snow makes for pretty sunsets -- is this right, ladies?!?
snow-bunny-buuuuuun. snow-bun.
{i hope you hummed snoop-doggy, doooooog. snoop-dog}

and today?  it pushed 70*.  jack thought we needed an umbrella --- no, sweetie, that's just the snow/ice melting off our roof.  hellllloooooo?!?!?  what is going on nature?!?!?!?!