Monday, July 25, 2011


the age old question: what's for dinner?!?!?

i've been having such a hard time getting our weekly dinner list together!  i usually write out everything on one of these pads.  it's handy to keep myself on track -- and pete never has to ask 'what's for dinner?'  then, i go through my food selections and use this pad to make my grocery list.  easy-peasy.  it's organized by aisle, so grocery shopping is so.much.faster.  i've also been ordering my groceries online -- my local store picks and packs, and delivers to your car!!  it's a great way to quickly shop - on sundays, after meal-planning and list-making, i plop down and fill my cart.  everything is ready for you at your selected time slot.  boy has it cut down on those last minute throw-ins.

anyway, as anal as this sounds, it's really only how i handle dinner, not what i should actually cook.  the meal-planning portion of my sunday takes forever, especially in the summer. what do you make for dinner during the summer?  it's too hot for the oven!  this is our menu for the week (i spent serious time on the www to get my act together this week, probably why i'm sharing.  i'm tapped out):

m:  california chicken club sandos
t: pasta salad with fresh tomatoes + parsley, canned olives, splash of olive oil
w: pulled pork sandos - crock pots are ah-maz-ing
r: skirt steak salad with goat cheese, candied walnuts, red onions, + blueberries
f-s:  pete's out of town, you know we'll be eating pb+j or breakfast for dinner :)

unrelated info:  pete and i rented a movie from redbox months ago and i distinctly remember telling him it was the best dollar we ever spent.  i haven't been able to remember the title until a friend posted it on facebook:

hot tub time machine!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

wait a second. you're telling me that you forgot that the movie about a hot tub time machine was called HOT TUB TIME MACHINE?

jen said...

:), that seems like me lately, doesn't it? no, i totally forgot all the details about the movie....not just the title :). widespread forgetfulness is my gig.