Thursday, March 29, 2012

fairy tale town

fairy tale town was adorable!  much like fairyland in oakland, but with more park-like structures.  a little less granola, a little cleaner.  but no coffee :(.

captain jack + mommy

jack + rabbitt
jack and the beanstalk
jack fetching water
jack trying to jump over
the candlestick!

lastly, the cutest cow ever + jack's inappropriate comment - it's always about bathroom or body-part humor around this 4 year old:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the zoo!

in an attempt to prevent stir-craziness during jack's spring break, we made a tirp to the sacramento zoo and fairy tale town.  it's supposed to rain most of the week, so monday was our best bet.  noone else had our fabulous idea, we practically had the zoo to ourselves!  fairy tale town was a little busy, but we had a blast with the kids that were there!

the zoo is small, and many animals were resting, but we had a good time anyway!  jack was the map-master:

 we watched the super cute giraffes for a bit:
and enjoyed the brilliant color of the flamingos.  except they are stinky, i never really knew!
i didn't do anything to this photo, they were that bright!
 the zebra and ostrich were roaming around - they are almost the same size!  what a big bird!
 i'm pretty sure the primates were our favorite, jack didn't stop to read any other signs....

 this beautiful bird started a conversation about male birds being more colorful so they could get 'husbands'.
 and full-circle, back to the stinky birds.
not sure why they aren't as bright here...
the kiddos gave the zoo two thumbs up!
and i got a 'thank you!' hug and smile for the camera :).

fairy tale town post coming tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

maddy's two months old!

our little maddy is growing so fast!  she's two months old, loving watching her brother, smiling, cooing, and rolling from tummy to back.  she hasn't had her two month check-up yet, but she's a bigger little one than jack, that's for sure!  i'm interested to see how she's stacking up to others of her age group.  everyone keeps telling me how tiny and little she is, but i think it's just the daintiness of being a girl!  she's absolutely beautiful!

here are some pictures in my favorite head pieces.  and a tutu, seriously loving the accessories for baby sis!

this is her
mommy, how many more????????
look. :)

so, i know our babies resemble each other, their siblings from the same stock!  but, i think they look very different at the same ages, seen below.  now, though?  i totally think they look more alike!

maybe a mini-me?  definitely a mini-pete.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

cupcakes for two!

while maddy napped, jack and i whipped up these cupcakes for two!  they are so delish!  a perfect vanilla-y cupcake (we made ours mini, getting about 9 from the recipe, baking for 6 minutes).  they have a texture like madeleines, a little spongy.  i think it's great to have a recipe that yields such a small amount - treats tend to disappear 'round here faster than they took to make!

jack LOVED them:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

staring contest.

i think it would be a fierce battle between pete, jack, and i if we had a contest staring at this little face:
best smile caught on film
its melt-your-heart big, but never for the lens!
 especially a parent staring contest seeing our babies cuddle:
 or when one is sleeping so soundly while the other is playing so loudly:
 or when she stares up at you and her big brother with those big blue eyes:
 to let us snap 500 pictures of her every day:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

st. patty's day

st.patty's day was fun!  we woke up to donuts with green sprinkles, went shopping, had lunch at a local bar/restaurant (with kiddos), and watched basketball while jack played and maddy ate/slept/pooped.  we also took some pictures:

i think she was hungry here, but i had to get the picture before she ate, then spit-up, then had a bm.
they happen too fast sometimes and outfits have to be changed often!
i had to bow her up, obviously.
shirt #2
a jack hand-me-down
jack likes being naked now-a-days.
beginning smile at her mommy
i knew we had a great picture of jack in this shirt on the boppy - i should've looked it up before taking these shots, but again, time was of the essence...

alas, found jack's photo and the best i could come up with for maddy.  their 1st st. patty's days, side-by-side: