Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hay is for horses, and cows, and goats, and....

(does anyone remember the state fair theme song to greenacres? oh, the state fair is the place for me!  .....duh, duh, duh, duhduh, the food!)

this past weekend was the most perfect weekend to go to the california state fair!  it was perfect because it was NOT HOT.  sacramento can be scorching, a good 20* hotter than fairfield at times, so the fair can be kind of miserable.  the animals don't like it, you're sticky and sweaty, the food smells gross.  ewwww.  at a cool 80*, the fair was a pleasure this year.  it was also opening weekend, so everything was fresh (worker attitudes, the animal stalls, rides, bathrooms, etc.)
jack reading the map
we saw quite a few animals (our main attraction) this year ranging from reptiles to Australian specialties:
jack liked seeing the slithering snakes
these bees were very interesting
jack reminded us that they can't fly.  like ostriches.
thanks, 3yrold. :)
desert tortoise
moving slooooooooow.
our neighbor just got one, too, just like blu in rio!
and, my favorite, the farm animals:
a pretty gray horsie
pig judging, this one won 2nd place
pete and i both thought she should've one first
but she was long in her knee to ground.
grooming the sheep
helllllo, beautiful bovine
goats are always sneaking something

we also checked out the vegetation:

check out these zucchinis
we are doing our tomatoes in vines next year now!
wishing our garden would grow

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Sarah said...

the state fair has to be at least 100+ degrees out to be a true ca state fair experience. i can't believe it was only 80. that's just criminal!