Saturday, July 9, 2011

long weekend con't

sunday: so andy shacked it up at our house after consuming too many chicago-style hot dogs and frosty beverages, so we made a feast of a breakfast in the morning.  eggs, o'brien potatoes, toast, bacon.  it was great after such a long day!  andy suggested we head to the fillmore street jazz festival in san francisco - being that is was nearing 90* before 10am, we agreed to escape the heat and head into the city.

here, jack try this
'no, that's BEER'
no, honey, it's ROOT... it's SODA
bitter root-beer face.
he was not a fan, me?  heaven.
how could you not love ice cold root-beer in a bottle on a hot day?!?!
maybe a cookie?
 i really enjoy festivals (fairs, carnivals, etc.) - i love the heat, laughter, vendors, snacks, so i was pretty happy even though it was totally PACKED.
this picture doesn't capture it at all.
but it was so crazy, we couldn't move a block in 20 minutes.
which made for a not-so-happy jack

we had a couple hours to spend in the city before we went across the bridge to bbq with the dillon's, so we visited a park in les' old neighborhood that jack really enjoys!   look at us last year.

after the park madness, we partook in tri-tip, guacamole, brownies, train-watching, bocce ball, and chats-galore with sarah, casey, and their pup fillmore (as in the street, that we were at that day!):
they used to live here!  at california + fillmore.
i spent many nights at this apartment!!
we drove home exhausted, but so, so happy.

monday:  due to my love of festivals, we ventured out to suisun city's waterfront for a little more street-fair action and lunch on the Fourth.

jack called this is baby-bendy stuff...
his focus the entire time...
can we go over there?!?!
not wanting to get out
like we didn't get enough hot-dogness this weekend!

sunday night: lastly, we ventured to my parents' house for illegal fireworks and the show in the sky!

after a spark landed on his leg, he sat down with my mom
she asked him to tell the camera all about it
all he did was make this sad face

rooftop to see the panoramic view
you can see all the legal and illegal shows up there!
suisun's show
i like blurred pictures at night.
and so the weekend ends.  we were up well past our bedtime every night, celebrated with so many friends and family.... even though i'm still not caught up on sleep as i type this on thursday, i wouldn't change a thing!  guess there will be lots of napping in the sun for me while we're camping this weekend!!


Leslie said...

Fantastic weekend!!

courtney said...

wow, that was a packed weekend! We are HUGE fans of the Root Beer...