Sunday, September 29, 2013

lawson's landing

omg, you guys.  we've been trailer camping SO many times this year.  our last trip was AH-MAY-ZING!  we took the super short ride out to the ocean, lawson's landing, and had the best time.  in true northern california fashion, the beach was actually HOT late in summer - oh how i love indian summers!  we soaked up the sun, enjoyed being outside at the beach past 8pm (without 16 layers of snow clothes!), and even had dinner guests.  seriously, we couldn't have planned a better last weekend!

 our beautiful site and check out the weather!
i need a manicure and a screen cleaning.

we have a popcorn maker-thingy for the fire!  so fun!
 wild cat, cat stevens
the denny family joined us for bbq and frosty beers on saturday night!
the greens love the dennys
maddy and colson are 4 months apart, so they are fun together and jack loves having another boy around!

 i was hoping the series of pics below would turn into that magic little video thing.  maybe only on blogsy?  oh well, enjoy maddy's shoot:

Saturday, September 28, 2013

connolly ranch - farm love

i have a THING for old wood, barns, rust, that farm-bluey-greeny color, pumpkins, and galvanized steel.  
and oak trees.
and airstreams.
and signs.
i also love bunting and boots.  
thanks for the venue.

Friday, September 27, 2013

connolly ranch field trip!

i drove jack and two friends to their first-ever kindergarten field trip on thursday!  (i got my fingerprints done and submitted my car insurance so i am a certifiable school mom that can drive other people's kids - i am SO grown up!!!!)

connelley ranch is in beautiful napa -- only curse to my grown up status was that i couldn't stay and play in the napa valley after the trip, but since it's only about 20 minutes away (with traffic!), i know i can make it back any time.  the ranch is the home to goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks as well as organic produce and huge composting vessels.  the kids were a little nervous about the animals at first, but after a nice talk about POOP (to be referred to as manure) and the niceness of the animals, they dove right in!

yep, that's my son holding a girl's hand.  and not 'cause he necessarily had to....
this is ann-marie.  she was in our car.  she and jack giggled and whispered the entire drive to
and from the farm.... 
getting restless
singing a cute song

off to have the poop manure talk

the two jack g.s  - the other jack g. had his shirt on backwards - poor kid
aren't the tie-dyed shirts a great idea?!?

they may stray for a minute, but marley and jack always end up next to each other :)