Thursday, July 28, 2011

another baby greenbean!

we are so excited about the addition of another bundle to our family!  from the previous post, you can tell jack has already taken a liking to being a big brother :).  most of the time, he talks about a baby sister, though if y'all know me, we won't be finding out this time either.  he says girls take naps (?).

here's an ( ultrasound pic at around 13 weeks:

at the 13 weeks ultrasound, i spent about half an hour watching our 2nd little one swim around, too cute!  the pictures might not show it to you, but i have the memory so clear in my head, i think the kiddos look the same!  here's jack at 20ish weeks:

obviously, there will be a million-and-a-half more posts about this little one, too, but some details as an fyi (will post more about some of these later):

may 12th: positive test!
june 2nd: told immediate family
june 10th: 1st ultrasound
july 11th: 2nd ultrasound
july 18th: jack sees baby for 1st time via ultrasound - he's creeped out!
august 16th: next ultrasound
august 30th: 20ish week ultrasound

due date: january 20th, 2012!!!


Sarah said...

so exciting. be sure to keep us up to date as the newest green develops.

Leslie said...

i'm sure most moms totally know what you're talking about when saying they look the same. me? oh, i think you're being a crazy lady.


lauren and brad said...


Congratulations! That is wonderful news!

Jason & Kristin said...

We absolutely can't wait for another playmate...not to mention that Autumn will think you gifted her with her very own "Baby-doll"! Don't worry baby boy or girl...I gotcha covered (haha).

So exciting and I'm happy that your feeling better!

info said...

I think they look-a-like too, but I think all ultrasound pictures look-a-like...can't wait to meet her! BTW, please stop having children around our birthdays. Jack already has the weekend after mine booked for his birthday, now this new kid is going to take the weekend before?!? No fair!!

katherine. said...

big congrats to you!! my bday is the 19th... it's a pretty great day :)

jen said...

thanks, everyone!

ha, katherine! i didn't know your birthday was so close to mine :) my birthday is the 23rd, tara's is the 28th, and jack's is feb 6th. since we're all fab, i'm pretty sure the babe will be too :)!!

tricia said...

i KNOW i read this post but thought i commented....YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! so so happy for the Green family!