Thursday, July 21, 2011

fruit crisp: cherry

jack and i made the most scrumptious cherry crisp yesterday!  it was so amazing last night for dessert, warm, with a little vanilla bean ice cream.  it's equally great cold for breakfast dessert after another day of working out and all sorts of healthy stuff ;).  we got the recipe from this site: eighteenth century agrarian business (lots of fun, 'different than regular blogland' stuff).

step one: pit a ridiculous amount of cherries (6 cups).
step two: catch your handsome helper in a goofy pose.
step three: refrain from bathing yourself in the cherry-vanilla goodness (it's hard)
step four: add crumbley top and bake
step five: serve warm with vanilla ice cream, and eat cold the next day, and the next.  it makes a TON.


{update: pete said this was his most favorite dessert ever.  ever.  the only thing that it 'ties' with is our wedding cake.  i'm totally cool with that.}


Leslie said...

cherry season isn't here yet. but blueberries are in and i did the same thing! breakfast!

jen said...

mmmmmm. blueberry sounds superb! we don't have that season here (fresh, with stands or whatever)... maybe strawberry? i'm kinda addicted.