Sunday, March 31, 2013

st patrick's day!

we had a lovely day, just hanging out.  of course everyone was dressed in some sort of green - baby sis being the most decked out!

like last year, i insisted on a photo shoot.  i wonder when i'll stop thinking this is a good idea?!?

and little miss feisty all by herself:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

play {t}ball! fro-yo

after jack's first game, the whole lot of us went out for frozen yogurt.  it was so fun to share the afternoon with everyone, and equally as fun to watch anthony and maddy run around the shoppe.  the fro-yo was great on such a sunny, fun-filled day at the field!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

play {t}ball! first game

oh!  i forgot to add that opening ceremonies included a little parade, then the teams hung out on the field for a lot of talking!  and i thought that, as an adult!  the kids did great, not any dancing or pushing or anything else bored little boys like to do!

jack plays on the 'little rascals' field
sponsored by a child care (good thinking!)
 i can't get enough of the back pictures - they are just too darn cute!

 antics by 5 year old boys.
let's bonk our hat brims!  ok!  fun!
this is jack's buddy matt.  matt is also in his pre-k class!

 his first at-bat!
 look at the look he gave us as we cheered him on (wow!):
 a little practice with coach brad:
 and contact!
 safely on first with coach carlo.
 and with a teammate's hit, he's off to 2nd!
 he scored and then the tin caps took the field (jack is the only one paying attention, good snap by me!):
 after scoring another time.  high-fives from the team!
 and then he saw that his cousin, aunt laura and unc eric, unc david and unc jd, and gran and grandpa had come to cheer him on!  he was so happy to see anthony, it was so cute!

 up again and scoring again!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pre k graduation

When: 9:00am – 11:00am, Wednesday, May 22, 2013, Pacific Daylight Time


Sunday, March 17, 2013

play {t}ball! opening ceremonies

the season has begun!  we participated in opening ceremonies on saturday, such fun!  our little guy looked so grown up and so little at the same time.  jack was hesitant to start the day, but he had a great time once we arrived and met up with his team.  i had to leave him there - all by himself - while the coach rounded everyone up and started the parade.  it was weird leaving him - he's so little!  what if he gets scared!  what if he wanders off!  and yet he looked so big and ready at the same time.

here he is, all decked out in his team hat, shirt, gray pants, belt, socks, and cleats!

and of course, proud little sister walking around the field....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St Patrick's Day decor & our little visitor

Jack and I punched out a rainbow of circles to hang over our entryway. He recited the colors, helped with the punches, then helped sticker them. I put them up at night - maddy noticed right away and jack was so proud! We also collected everything green we could find in our house to add to the tables :).
I printed a vintage-style postcard and some subway art for frames to add some height and variety to the decor.
Mom brought some clovers, a cute dish, and gold glitter pot/hat to add.
It's hard to see, but this picture of jack and maddy last year is priceless! She's screaming her head off while jack holds her, smiling. So stinking cute!
See this leprechaun? He arrived, mysteriously, on March 1st.
Jack spent all morning trying to figure out where he came from. We called gran and daddy to see if they brought him over.... We still aren't sure how that little man got here, but we sure like trying to figure it out!