Wednesday, July 20, 2011

green thumb: we might really have one!

check out our garden before, here.  check it out now:
growing like weeds veggies!
pumpkin vine
i love tomatoes!
good thing, 'cause i'm going to have a ton!
we're having another heat-wave week this week (thankfully!), so we're hoping these tomatoes bust a move and ripen.  and how amazing will fresh corn be in the fall?  i don't have much hope for pumpkins, not sure if we had the proper plants around for fertilization.  also, the strawberries were eaten by rodents :(.  good thing there are fresh stands within a minute from home!  next year we're planning on planting our tomatoes in a grape-vine-like way and building a planter to keep the strawberries off the ground.  'til then, we can't wait to enjoy the fruits of this year's labor!!!


Leslie said...

yay!! they're growing!! i'd just park a chair out there to watch them.

jen said...

it's amazing! we lost the mint, too, maybe the hasty removal and replanting? anyway, not going to be making mojitos anytime soon.

tricia said...

the tomatoes look delish! i'm always sad when summer ends, because nothing beats fresh corn...