Thursday, July 7, 2011

nuts, peanut butter, and pinecones

we picked up a couple perfect pine cones during our camping trip with a bird feeder project with grammy in mind!  we invited grammy, p-paw, and aunt sara over the thursday before the fourth to enjoy sandwiches and so grammy and jack could make the pine cone bird feeders for our backyard.  jack (and pete!) had a great time spreading that peanut butter and rolling the pine cones in the seedy-nut mixture:

tying the string
spreading it on thick
rolling it in the seeds
just a little taste-test!
finished product on our tree
we've seen a ton of larger birds take a nibble of this little treat!  jack loves watching the birds get their snacks.  he calls out, 'we've got your dinner/lunch/breakfast ready for you birds to enjoy!!!  come and get it!!!' while waving his hands to call in the birds - too cute.  pepper has also enjoyed the project -- she finished off the  almost-empty peanut butter container and the second bird feeder that fell off the tree.  guess we're feeding more than birds with this project!


Laura & Eric said...

jack looks so cute with that hair cute!!!!!

Leslie said...

jack is looking like a BIG KID!!