Monday, July 30, 2012

sunday scones

i picked up the ingredients for these 'skinny' chocolate chip scones from trader joe's on saturday.  i've been craving scones since my delightful mani-pedi at the ritz-carlton in tahoe {had a cranberry scone - devine!!}.

sunday morning was perfect.  maddy slept from 8pm-6:30am (WHAT!?!?!  YES!!!) and then went back down for a bit.  it was amazing!  (especially because she woke up at 11, 2, 5, and up for good at 7 the night before.  jack woke up at 6.  i went to bed at 10:30pm, it was a rough one!)

while she took that extra morning snooze, i mixed up the ingredients and enlisted the help of jack for the kneading.  he had so much fun, he played with some extra dough for at least half an hour - perfect amount of time for the scones to bake and cool!

pete got maddy up, and she joined in the family baking:

 they turned out so well!  yummy deliciousness with the nicest light brown crust.  SO good with coffee!!

i know you'd like to hear about my experience at the ritz!  it was the most perfect surprise during a week of cabin time! the whole thing was amazing and delicious, especially my mani-pedi and kid-free time!

here are my nails:
that's malaga wine, opi, my FAV

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

lake love!

in addition to cabin love and fireworks love, we enjoyed the lake - BIG time!  we were so lucky to spend time on the willis fam's boat during the week.  maddy LOVED being lulled to sleep and jack couldn't stop smiling at the big waves and fast boat.  we played at the cove - with warmer water and a less crowded beach - then trekked back to the beach or cabin.  it was a blast!!

 at the cove, where the water temperatures were only a few degrees higher, but the water was SO much warmer!

 we got ice cream on the 4th!

 in the middle of a morning run, we stopped to enjoy the serene lake and mountain air:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

first camping trip

we took our first and last?!? camping trip of the summer over father's day weekend.  we had a nice night, but our little lady made it a little too difficult to stay both nights.  i'm pretty sure we'll try again - but this time, we'll bring all the baby equipment!  not having the swing was a HUGE mistake.  little miss maddy didn't sleep all day, and would only sleep while nursing at night.  that made for a super tired (and sore!) mommy and a very long day for the whole family.  we packed up saturday after some beach time and headed home.

some pics of our adventure:

Friday, July 13, 2012

maddy's first trip to marine world

taking two kids to marine world was so easy and fun!  we had a blast at our favorite summer-day hangout: