Saturday, April 17, 2010

springtime in the city

on a sunny weekend in february, pete charged the mountain for a boys' ski weekend. jack and i charged the 80 to visit the kantahara's & their four-legged friends. after a wet-and-slightly-inappropriate hello to huddy, roxy, & gus, we all headed to a nearby park for some swinging. jack loved it:
higher, kasar, higher!
jamie knows how this is done!

we then ventured to the nearby safeway for some deli lunch and parked ourselves at a park (i'm sure it's famous 'cause it was absolutely beautiful with views all 'round, and i've been there plenty times before, but i can't remember it's name right now... ask a sf resident.)
we found some weeds to wish upon. try it jk!
jack picked a flower for me, sweet little guy.
love these shots, colors, vibrant face, love it.
the only thing missing was daddy...we'll have to take the drive the next time the sun blesses the bay with it's presence!


Leslie said...

def missed pete around that day, but wasn't it just terrific to get out there & run around??

jen said...

so terrific. i need another romp in the grass with you, jk, jack, 3 dogs, and pete. stat.

devon lorraine ... said...

a day in the park with friends and your little man ... looks so lovely!