Monday, August 1, 2011

telling the fam

pete's never been one to keep a secret, and the baby secret wasn't any different.  he told his parents right away, probably minutes after the positive test.  i wanted to share the news with my parents and siblings at the same time -- and it was so hard.

first of all, my parents were on a 3-week across-the-country driving trip to visit my pop pop when we got the great news!  that was nice because i didn't have to keep any face-to-face secrets.  we also pretty much avoided my siblings during that time, too.  {sorry, guys}  secondly, i wanted to share in a cute way, but my preggo-brain couldn't think of a thing. no birthdays, holidays, anythings for gifts were around this time to present everyone with baby#2 shirts or anything like that.  thirdly (word?), it's hard to get my family all together without someone thinking something is up.  and with laura and eric's recent wedding and baby news, all eyes would fall on me.  and how do you get a bunch of suspicious people together without too many questions asked?

sooooo, a few weeks after my parents returned, i insisted on dinner all together.  jack and i baked cupcakes and put creepy little babies on them with the plan of sharing the news after dinner:

creepy babies + letters spelling b-a-b-y
but, as i mentioned, pete's horrible at keeping secrets, so not even 5 minutes after we sat down for dinner, he announced that we're having another baby!  among the 'yays' and 'congrats' we hear my dad say, 'i knew it, jen's been acting weird' and jd say 'i can't believe you didn't tell us you're having a baby'.  jd still brings up my 'secret-keeping' and 'lack of full-disclosure' about pretty much anything:
me: i made keys for the realtors, sorry, i forgot to tell you guys.
jd:  just like you 'forgot' to tell us you're pregnant? 
me: oh, the she said they might write an offer!
jd: uh-huh.  keeping that from us too?
it was fun shelling out creepy-baby-desserts without having to explain them, though :).  and laura and i got to take our first preggo-pic together:
not flattering of either of us, but have to record it.
i look more pregnant.  nice.


Leslie said...

creeeeeeepy baby!

Laura & Eric said...

we need another picture where we are both cute!!! my shower will be a great time for lots!!!!

devon lorraine ... said...

uh actually neither of you looks pregnant!?

creeeeeeepy babies!!

tricia said...

yes....creeeeepy babies! and you girls look so cute, cant even tell you are preggers!