Thursday, September 22, 2011

jack + mia

michelle and i go back, back to the alpha phi house at ucd.  we both have little munchkins that were born in 2008 just two days apart... AND we are both expecting new babes!  michelle is due in december with another precious little girl :).  i posted this on her fb wall as a way of telling her about our baby greenbean #2:

can we meet up in january with our new babes? :)
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we decided to get together in davis to let jack and mia run around -- mostly so we could catch up.

the kiddos got along so well (minus jack being a tad crazy at lunch, mia didn't like jack acting crazy, but it got figured out -- boys).  they played dora and diego and rescued countless animals on the play structures at central park.

here they are during lunch (les, can you tell where our cravings led us?):

they really wanted a pic of the boat :)
and back in 2008, at 5ish weeks old:

jack can't stop talking about mia and asks to call her and michelle to see if they want to go to the park.  almost daily.  can't wait for our next meet-up with the alexander ladies!


Leslie said...

i read that whole thing and was all, "who are the alexander ladies?" :)

that place....caffe italia? shooott.....i remember being there in a green sweater.

courtney said...

LOVE the side by side baby carriers shot. too cute.
how are you feeling these days?

Jack is getting to big, so handsome!

more house shots please too!

info said...

I was going to guess Caffe Italia too! Weird I recognized it since I've only been there once in my life. BTW, love Jack's haircut!!

jen said...

caffe italia!!! good work, ladies :)

feeling great, courtney! thanks!

house to-dos when it gets out of the 100s!!!