Monday, September 26, 2011

reno's rib cook-off

since we've taken camping out of our weekend ritual, we've had to think of another habit.  CABIN in the mountains!!  my parents have a gorgeous cabin about 3hrs from here, between truckee and reno off on a tangent.  we love staying there and decided the reno rib cook-off was the perfect activity for the weekend!

we had breakfast at...  

you'd think with a name like terrible's they'd go out of their way to have the most amazing food.  you'd be thinking incorrectly. 

next we headed to the cook-off.  before settling in to taste some ribs, jack and pete went on a few carnival-style rides:
patient jack
then the main event!
delish sauce-style ribs @unlce bub's

a dry rub from another stand
this place won tons of awards!
they had a line to prove it :(
it was super-duper hot, so after walking all the vendors (i don't know why i love them, but i do!), we let jack run in the fountains (don't worry, they were heavily chlorinated, so no risk of disease):
spirited jack splashed EVERYONE within his water's reach
and got drenched.
well needed, but not enough to cool down everyone.  we headed to a nice restaurant in reno with their own brew (so jealous of the boys!) and played at circus circus for a while (winner, winner!  we came home with too many stuffed animals!).  cooling off in the casinos was fab!  our night's sleep was even better.  

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terrible!! bleaghhhhhh!!