Tuesday, September 27, 2011

reno air races

a tragedy occured on friday, the day before we were supposed to attend the reno air races.  jack had been talking about this event for a year.  we were up at the cabin (no cable, listening to our xm stations) when we received a call from the willis fam checking on us.  we were shocked and received a few calls and texts from family and friends making sure we were okay.  it's so sad that so many people passed (latest report is 11, including the pilot), with 74 people incurring injuries.

we are thankful we weren't there and our thoughts go out to those that were.


devon larkin said...

jen, i seriously thought about you guys when i saw that on the news because i know you go out there from time to time. but it was on a FRIDAY so i figured you weren't there! i actually can't believe that i was so "on" about you possibly being there! glad you weren't there, and my heart goes out to all the families who were affected.

jen said...

wow, nice, you were totally on! and yes, a friday would've been weird, but we did consider it -- pete's job is so flexible and with me staying at home, we peace out of town on thursdays all the time...