Sunday, September 25, 2011

mr. + mrs. martin

jocelyn and devin tied the knot on 9.10.11!  i've known jocelyn since our days back at alpha phi, we were in the same fall '98 pledge class.  jocelyn and i don't see each other as often as i'd like (maybe different life-stages?), but when we do, it's never awkward and we have a great time!  it was beautiful driving through the vineyards by the river:
their ceremony took place in a gorgeous little catholic church in guernville, with the reception at Thomas George Estates winery in healdsburg.  the scenery was beautiful with very yummy snacks set in the winery's cave:

jocelyn is the queen of 'to-do' lists (i believe i am the princess), so while guests milled around during cocktail hour, becca and i set to the task of asking them to complete a 'to-do' list for the newlyweds.  the envelopes listed dates (like 1st anniversary, 5th anniversary) and days (like a rainy day in sf, when devin is sick).  it was a super cute idea to keep the spirit of their wedding night throughout their marriage.
milling at mouth of cave
tasting room
 dinner was seated and absolutely delicious!  tomato + mozzarella, fresh local grilled veggies, pasta, chicken with prosciutto + cheese, greens with pears + goat cheese.  i was loving it!  
these envelopes were passed out during dinner.  the couple shared a time early in their not-even-a-relationship-yet past when devin brought back wine and lottery tickets after a run to the store.  jocelyn was hooked - she's such a gambler - and they shared their first kiss that evening.  the envelopes held two lottery tickets and a lucky penny - such a cute and personal favor!
a delicious cake topped off the meal - with three different flavors, all spectacular.
the weather was perfect!  a little cool for the east bay guests who had been experiencing very hot weather, and a little warm for the city folks who survived the coldest summer ever (you know, because it's san francisco).
cave entrance
after the mandatory wedding festivities, we watched the couple enjoy their first dance, watched the bridal party perform a dance routine to a variety of 'very-jocelyn' songs (hot in herrrre and should've been a cowboy),  and the floor gave way to a fabulous dance party!  even pete joined me for a few :), and baby liked it too!  
mr.+mrs. martin

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jocelyn said...

Wow! What a great blog entry. The pictures you got are amazing and I love hearing what you noticed and appreciated..not shockingly, your specific notations were my favorite things too...we have a few things in common don't we! Thanks for the synopsis and can you please email me those amazing pics!