Tuesday, September 13, 2011

oakland's fairyland

last week, to escape the heat and because i purchased tickets for half off on mamapedia, i took jack to oakland's fairyland.  it was too cute.  i can't wait to take both kiddos next year - it's such a perfect place for moms and kids: 
just jack + mommy.
bad angle, but we have hardly any pics together :(.
'i want to go there.'
jack LOVES maps!
creepy bubble-blowing elf.
they had a pony, mules, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, + goats.
and this tin giraffe.
a puppet show!
set in the heart of oakland (big buildings surround).
ferris wheel, all by his lonesome.
you can't be over 46" to ride!

there are all sorts of fairytale houses and stories throughout.
 and why it's great for moms!!!!!!!  espresso!!!!!!!!!  also, noone without a child is allowed in, no child allowed out.  it was such a safe place!
pumpkin cafe with the BEST latte and scones!
and cold milk for thirsty boys.
his 'coffee'.
a ginormous slide!
meant for 4yr olds only, jack is such a daredevil ;).
too much excitement, jack tried to nap on a bench.
this place is totally worth a visit, but i'd look for a coupon.  i paid $8 for both of us, the regular fee is $8 per person, 1 to 100.  $16 (or in a year and half, $24) would be a little much.  and it's really for the younger child, jack would either be too big or bored in a couple years.   


Leslie said...

that ticket math confused me, but i think jack would LOVE curious george land. just a little flight to FL. :)

courtney said...

Jack would love Legoland! Pete keeps forcing me to go to disneyland with them since we have season passes. Fairyland look more my speed.
I kinda liked the pumpkin cafe.