Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it's fall y'all!

happy first day of faaaaalllllllll!!!  i love fall!  too bad it's like, 100 degrees here (or something equally outrageous!).  i just got all of my fall jazz out of storage and am so.freaking.excited to get it all out and up!  it's not too early for pumpkins, is it?  am i being too 'commercial' and forcing a season too soon?  i mean, i probably won't get out the halloween stuff just.yet.  maybe on monday?  it's supposed to cool off on monday....

anyway, don't ask me about how my to-do list is going {'cause it's not going. anywhere.}.  you can ask me what diy stuff i've been up to.... what's that you say, you want to see what diy stuff i've been up to?  well, okay, here goes:
ribbon wreath with coffee filter flowers
tulle wreath
chalkboard painted signs for porch
silhouette halloween with painted frames
now off to dream of pumpkins and falling leaves :).


Leslie said...

it WAS a 100 degrees outside today, right?



jen said...

yah, maybe.

and thanks. you're making my craziness even easier to deal with :)

courtney said...

it's never too early for pumpkins.

devon lorraine ... said...

i love how you decorate for holidays :) all of them.