Thursday, September 8, 2011

last camping trip of 2011

ah, what a summer!  we've been so very busy and have had so much fun!  we went to our favorite campsite and beach the weekend after pete's birthday for one last hurrah.   

we got a new car, so we brought our jet ski!

and i'm showing!  20 weeks.

the resevoir is ceding quickly, but there were plenty of diving rocks.

jack had a blast!
we spent most of the time tyring to figure out how to camp with a baby.... next summer will be interesting!


Laura & Eric said...

you mean two babies!? :)

jen said...

yes, two babies, but four adults! aveages 1.5 per fam, with jack being a helper. we can do it!

courtney said...

I can't help but laughing, apparently our brains are kinda connected on opposite plains... I just did a post about camping, from a totally different angle.

You look beautiful!

I like your kind of camping better than mine.