Thursday, March 13, 2008

lunch in davis

leslie, me, michelle
spring formal 2001

on jack's 5 week birthday, we headed to davis to have lunch with one of my old roommates, michelle alexander (thomas). michelle and her husband, dan, had a beautiful baby girl, mia anne, on february 8th, just two days after jack was born. it was so exciting to see michelle and to meet her little precious girl. mia and jack both slept most of the time (a little grunting on jack's part and i think i heard a little shout from mia) while we dined at hunan's. michelle and i lived in our sorority house together (with leslie) while we served as officers (her pres., me v.p. of recruitment, les v.p. of something...) and we all shared an apartment with tara the year after graduation. at alpha phi, we spent many mornings/afternoons watching TLC's wedding story and baby story. michelle and i talked all about our wedding and baby plans slouched on our community couches in our j.crew pj's.
here we are all grown up with our 1st babies:


Leslie said...

i'm so glad you guys took a photo together! that is just completely priceless.

Renee said...

Gaby's head used to twist to the side like that too. I guess they prefer it for comfort. You look great, Jen!