Wednesday, September 28, 2011

virginia city

The 19th century mining boom turned Virginia City into the most important settlement between Denver and San Francisco; and grubby prospectors into instant millionaires.  They built mansions, imported furniture and fashions from Europe and the Orient, and helped finance the Civil War... and then went on to build empires around the world. The finest example being San Francisco.

because of the crash at the air races, we ventured to virginia city for the day.  jack's favorites, always competing - planes and trains.  {and automobiles, actually!}
looking out from the train station
we took a train ride to 'gold hill'.
jack in awe
we got a little plane action

stagecoach rides
that's jack's little hand waving at the steam-engineers
jack blowing his train whistle
he's letting the kids that got off for a leg stretch know...
allllll abooooard!!
mine wash
and spent some time in the old town:
yes they had 'em
we're working on not shooting (where do boys get it?!?!)
so we didn't watch...
this miner let you feed his mule for a dollar
i really enjoy the ornate decor of the time
candy makers
ice cream!!!
 saw some attractions:

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Leslie said...

woah haircut!!! what a fun place to spend the weekend!