Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pete's birthday!

we celebrated pete's birthday low-key with just a family celelbration.  we had a fantastic lunch at his folks' house and ate a delish cake at home.  here are the decorations jack + i made:

prepping for paper mache-ing
we used a regular balloon
i don't have any finished pics as we didn't get to paint it
and we ended up accidentally smashing it without daddy
we ate the treats while camping, just as fun :)
sneaky jack getting soaked while i rinsed off the excess 'glue'
jack punched out a bunch of blue + yellow circles to scatter on the table
i asked him to put them all around
he placed them as placemats, too cute
he picked out the colors and circle sizes
i wrote 'happy birthday' with chalk


devon lorraine ... said...

how fun! i should really do a surprise like this for patrick one day ... maybe when piper is big enough to help. she'd still eat those circles.

jen said...

yes, helping toddlers makes it so much better!

or messier and not according to plan.

or maybe you might even forget the birthday because you're totting around a little maniac.

regardless, it's from the heart!