Friday, September 30, 2011

5 years ago...

i walked down the aisle with my dad
 who gave me away to my best friend
 who took it very seriously
 as did my sister
 {glad i wasn't this much of a mess at her wedding!}
our closest friends stood up for us
 we were toasted by pop pop
 my dad
 and pete's {and many others, pics aren't great}
 cold shot rocked our world
 we at the most amazing cake {some say, to this day, the best wedding cake they've EVER had}
and paaaaaarrrrrrrrrtieeeed with our family and friends {until my parents shut down the ipod at 3am}
happy anniversary, pete!

{i STILL haven't asked for our digital pics without a copyright - wth}

1 comment:

Laura & Eric said...

love you, pop pop!!! i didnt keep it together much more at my wedding!