Monday, October 10, 2011

laura's baby shower!

i've been m.i.a. this week because i was crafting/baking/planning for my little sister's baby shower!  it was SO cute (if we do say so ourselves)...

i created the invitation:
a construction themed shower!
baby boy giacobazzi's bedding is all sorts of manly, so we used it to determine the theme and colors:

dessert table - winners all around!
pineapple upside down cake, orange cupcakes, + cake bites
it was mom's genius idea to have me make cake balls - that looked like dirt:
sprinkled with cocoa powder
being scooped by a scooperthingy and piled in a dump truck (not pictured)
 the shower was in the afternoon, so we offered snacks for those midday lulls:
we decorated with toys to give to the g's when baby gets here.  fun!
 more decor:

i have a passion for banners.  it's re-dic.
 the whole color scheme and theme worked so well with mom's dining room:

 our gift table (before the party started):
i freezer-papered onesies with my silhouette cutting the shapes.
a dinosaur for 'dino', a turkey with the word gobble, a plane
i didn't get a pic of my fav: two cows with 'milk lover'
 it's not a shower without games!  {not one of our showers, that is}
guess laura's girth - with construction caution tape
construct a nursery rhyme - complete missing words
 check out the concentration here:
guess how many screws!
mom and allyn (laura's moh) laughing hysterically
allyn read whorer instead of horner.
i almost peed myself.
 and my beautiful glowing sis:
 with her mil, helen:

 and some bump pics:

mom made us go belly-to-belly - high-five cousins!!!!!
at the time, we though it was ridiculous
but i kind of like it now :)
it was FUN!  i am so happy laura and eric are all set to have their bouncing bundle of boy-joy!!  she's due the 27th - keep her in your thoughts for a healthy baby and easy-peasy-drug-free delivery!


Leslie said...

WHAT?? guess how many screws? what?!

ohhhhh, how many screws are in the jar?

was thinking, "uh....just takes one."


jen said...

oh, les. construction. screws.

at least you learned something from paul cody's class.


Jason & Kristin said...

So cute...I'm so excited for Laura and Eric! Even cuter that you and your sister are Prego at the same time..You will cherish that pic for years to come!

info said...

You guys did such a cute job decorating. Sorry I missed out :(