Saturday, February 18, 2012

you're one week old, maddy! 1.29.12

jack - 1 week
maddy - 1 week

trying to get comparison photos...

 hey maddy!  you're one week old!  we are certainly enjoying you - i like to spend a lot of time staring at you and your pretty eyes.  i'm still in shock you're a little girl!  i've been enjoying dressing you in all things pink and frilly this week.  we've been so lucky to get newborn clothes that are girly from your family and neighbors.  this week we went on outings as a family of four - to the store and target, etc. to get food and clothes and other baby supplies!  you are a trooper and have been pleasant in the car and in the moby wrap.  i love wearing you!

 jack and daddy are in awe of their little girl, too!  you get tons (and i mean TONS) of attention and kisses from these men in your life!  you absolutely love it!
 jack is all set to teach you everything!  he's talking to you about colors in this photo.
you sleep so much i was worried at first!  mommy forgot how much little ones sleep in the beginning :).  you are an eating champ, every two hours, and you're getting used to sleeping during the nighttime.  i may let you sleep with me in the bed in between feedings -- you're not quite sure of your moses basket yet.  daddy and i can't help but laugh at how vigorous you are with your 'hunting' for snacks and your little snorts as you eat.  you've been congested since birth and snore when you sleep.  you are so dainty with the tiniest little hands and feet, with long fingers and toes, and you definitely look like a little girl!  we feel so complete with you here - as if you've been here forever - and are so looking forward to watching you grow more every day!

mommy and daddy

jack's first week here!  (nice grammar, jen! at least i didn't lose as many brain cells this time around!)

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