Thursday, February 2, 2012

sidenotes about l + d

  • i really want pete to insert his 2 cents into this post!
  • i totally channeled lauren often to give me the strength to make it through (of course, my mom was a SUPER support and admiration all around for her, and obviously couldn't have made it an hour without pete!!!!) - i SO admire her as a woman and mother!  congrats to them on their beautiful baby girl!!
  • it's really, really cool to walk around your house and know that you labored there, and now your little girl is there too!  it makes me LOVE my house even more :)!!

i'm still on a high over the whole thing!!

and i know you want pics, so here's one of our little maddy-kins:
10 days

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lauren and brad said...

What? You channeled me? I don't even know what to say...what a sweet, wonderful thing! I know what you mean though...I channeled other women's strength. And now, just think, other women will channel you! We are all in this together mama! xoxoxo