Wednesday, February 15, 2012

when jack met maddy.

i just realized two things.  one, i never posted any pictures of us in the hospital!  we were only there for 20 hours, so we don't have a ton, but we did capture jack meeting maddy for the first time - precious.  i also realized that i wrote jack a post for each week's birthday, and i haven't done any for maddy!  i'm sure this is not the first or last in the long line of 2nd-child stuff, but i'm going to try and get on that later this week.  it's amazing how fast the days fly by with two (i thought they flew with one!) and how busy we are.  plus, maddy eats - a LOT. and it's impossible to type with one hand ;).

jack meets maddy:
pete and i are totally crying!

this is your baby SIS!!!
it's a girl, jack!
'awww' says jack.

me and my kiddos

sibling love at first sight.

look at her tiny nose!


first green family picture!

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courtney said...

all photos are beautiful, but 3rd from the top is my hands down tears in the eyes fav.