Thursday, February 16, 2012

more hospital pictures!

meeting cousin baby dino
giacobazzi's and maddy

that's dr le!
he's admiring our little one from the outside
loving the dramatic story!
i wish he was there, but at least we got to see him the next morning

gran meeting her first baby girl grandchild

to this day maddy is admired for the present she gave jack at the hospital
he is/was so impressed she knew he liked star wars
...and that he needed a darth vador
...and that she was able to purchase and wrap the present so soon after birth.


Leslie said...

i'd love to be there for the moment he realizes maddy had some help. "waaaaait a minute......"

jen said...

that will be a sad day.... the joy for her gift-giving is overwhelming. you should've seen how happy he was when she 'bought' him the dollar bin bath toys for his birthday that he mentioned when she was 2 days old - pictures can't capture it!

'maddy is going to be my valentine. because she gives me presents at the hospital.' -jack, 2/14