Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

we are enjoying maddy's first valentines day, our first as a family of four!  pete brought home delish chocolates yesterday from see's so we could enjoy all day today (and maybe i had a piece in the middle of the night!!).  we went to gran's house this morning before picking up a heart-shaped pizza for lunch (forgot a pic), she had valentine's for her grandchildren:

jack - maddy - anthony



tearing in there!

sweetart hearts!
 a maddy photo shoot, a friend got her the headpiece, i made the tutu this morning:

 and we've decorated the house as a suprise for pete!  we're making dinner and dessert tonight for a cozy night in :).

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lauren and brad said...

super cute decorations! don't know how you did that, cooked AND made a tutu (and breastfed a newborn!) all in one day!

Super impressed! xoxoxoxo

hope you had a super sweet night in with your adorable family.