Saturday, February 11, 2012

at home party {party#3}

we celebrated with hot dogs, hamburgers, and cake on monday night!

hanging with the boys
being a ham.
colorful party decor!
maddy's gift to her big bro.
hanging with cousin dino.
a kite!
this toy is for ages 4+
jack is so excited!
and now that he's 4, he can chew gum!
he's been telling people this for months.  they always look so confused.
them: how old are you?
him: when i'm four i can have GUM!
{we've only had one piece go missing all week.  gum success}
more presents!

 it's cake time!

maddy enjoying some gran + aunt laura time while i celebrate my little man!

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devon lorraine ... said...

i'd love a slice of that chocolate cake! looks like jack LOVES celebrating!