Tuesday, February 7, 2012

yeah, this little man is FOUR. {party#1}

happy 4th birthday to my little jack-jack!  i can't believe you're already FOUR.  seriously.  FOUR?!?!  you are the best little man, an amazing big brother.  you're funny and smart and cute and you listen {most of the time}.  i'm super excited you get a week of celebrating, because you deserve it!  i think i'll have to break up the posts, for lack of free time's sake, but i'll try to get them up this week!

party#1, at preschool:

although we were tempted to keep jack home for daddy's last day on paternity leave, we sent him to preschool anyway.  we knew he'd have a blast getting all the birthday attention/love from his friends and amazing teacher, miss sally.  he wore his birthday crown and happily passed out birthday treats.  after school, we picked him up and took him to a surprise lunch {party#2}, post to come later!

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Leslie said...

I like that he wore his birthday shirt 90 years too early. OMG, he looks like a big kid!