Thursday, February 9, 2012

chuck-e-cheese's {party#2}

lunch at chuck-e-cheese's!!!!

we learned a few things:
  • you have to check yourself (and kids) at the door, in and out. nice security!
  • this location is newly remodeled and NOT dark/creepy/scary like it used to be!
  • their pizza still stinks.  chuck-e-up-chucks.
  • $10 gets you 50 tokens.  each game is ONE token.  big bang for little buck.
  • it's loud.  and jack doesn't like chuck-e-cheese singing to him.
  • we are ticket-winning-machines. 483!  winning!!!
  • best of all - happy 4yo, sleeping baby sis!  

we will be back!  next time, we'll eat first, though!

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