Monday, February 13, 2012

maddy's first bath

maddy had her first real bath on february 5th.  the pictures are super grainy - we used our sport video camera and it has some weird settings.  like a grainy photo/video setting.  my hands were full with mads and jack (he really wanted to help a LOT), so i didn't get the chance to switch modes.  i'm sure there'll be many more bath pics, but since it's her first, i wanted to document here.


maddy didn't exactly love her bath, but i think she'll be a water fan as she ages.  i mean, with jack as an older brother (kind-of fish-like) and pete as a father (will swim in anything, anywhere, at any temp), she doesn't have much of a choice (unless, like her mother, she prefers to bask in the sun reading a book and drinking a frosty beverage.....)!

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Leslie said...

she look so upset!! i get it, dear. swimming is fun, but baths are booooring.