Thursday, June 23, 2011

remembering jack's early days

it seems like time is just flying by.  jack looks like a kid now, no more baby-stuff.  it's really fun to have a little boy using the toilet, having conversations, playing, just enjoy everything (we're even out of the tantrums and misbehavior - for now!)  pete and i were reminding ourselves of our very first pics of little jack.  you can see those posts here and here.

i'm thinking the fact that my sister is just at her 5th month of pregnancy is taking us back!  eric and laura are expecting a baby boy giacobazzi in late october!  pete and i are super excited to gain 'aunt and uncle' status, and jack is happy about having a cousin (most of the time!).  my brothers are thrilled to have 'the pressure taken off them' (really?  the pressure got taken off US boys :)) and are excited that there will be another little dude running around (it's way easier for them to shop, etc. for little boys!).  
wedding day 4.30
about pressure.  my parents have always been the BEST about pressure.  not once did they mention or ask or even hint about grandchildren to pete and i.  it seemed like they sighed in relief when we announced we were expecting jack, but they had never said anything before.  soooooo, this bull about the pressure is ridiculous, boys!  

in the end, we are ALL THRILLED about a new baby!!  over-the-moon-thrilled.  and remembering the joy in our little jack-a-roo!


devon lorraine ... said...

looking back, i actually think that 5 month ultrasound LOOKS like jack. i mean, it is jack, but he already looked like himself at 5 months! that's crazy!

jen said...

too funny, devon, i totally agree! it's definitely his profile NOW, which is sooooo weird. but shouldn't be. but it totally is!