Monday, June 27, 2011


can you believe it?  jack started preschool a couple weeks ago.  it's unbelievable.  he started school and will continue until he graduates college!  or grad/law/medical school!  craziness.

he wasn't thrilled about going (and still has his moments), but we snuck pics before we told him exactly where we were heading on his first day:

he cries for me and tells me he misses me while he's at school.  that he just wants to stay home with me.  it breaks my heart, but i know it's best for the both of us!  and i know that the tears are gone in about 30 seconds after i shut the door!!  he adores miss sally and is on his best behavior in order to earn a sticker at the end of class.  seriously, where did the time go?!?  i am so super happy i'm able to stay home with him all the time - i think i would've had a breakdown at this transition if i wasn't able to drop him off, pick him up, and spend the time after with him!!


Leslie said...

aw, he'll get used to it soon! make friends and get excited to see them and everything!!

courtney said...

how did you do?
Alex started summer camp today, twice a week, 3 hours, great for him, great for me. figured this was a good way for us to transition to preschool for the fall - we're starting Montessori in September. He's already told me that he doesn't want to go... but I'm just going to lie to him and tell him it's just like summer camp at Little Gym. Without the Gym part...

cute pictures! he's turning into quite the little stud.

jen said...

i was ok once i left - just didn't think of his little crying face anymore. and i knew he'd have a blast! i am so used to it now and really treasure those 21/2 hours. i plan my time down to the minute - all activities that either aren't kid friendly (gym or pedi) or are much easier alone (grocery shopping!).

summer camp is a GREAT transition idea! i'm sure alex will love montessori school. he'll make so many friends. we've got to get them used to it - real school will be here so soon - eek!