Friday, June 17, 2011

valentine's day!

{v is hard}

this year was very different than recent valentine's days.... i wasn't home with pete or jack!  instead, i had these lovely ladies, PLUS devon and piper (not pictured :() as valetines:

stolen from devon's fb.
i had to resort to stealing this pic off devon's facebook because i didn't take a camera on this quick trip!  i love how it went down:

(at home depot with my mom and jack, a couple days after jack's party, a couple weeks before becca's shower)

phone rings.  it's tara.
t: hey, jen, i have a proposition for you!
j: yeeeeeessss?
t: do you want to go to chicago on sunday?
j: this sunday?
t: yes!
j: ummmm.
t: les will be there!  you can meet piper and see devon!  it'll be a surprise, doesn't that sound fun?  we'll be back super quick!
j: uh, i...
t: wait, don't say no.  it'll be super fun and cheap!  i have a free flight for you!
j: ummmmm.
t: maybe your mom can watch jack?
j: (cheesy smile at mom) hmmmm. let me ask her.  i'll call you back.

mom said yes, pete was down for a super quick trip, and three days later i was on my way to CHICAGO!!

classic devon/tara/les, tara was a surpise for devon, i was a surprise for devon and leslie.  their reactions were super cute!  we had a great time exploring the city and it was a well needed girly trip.  so, so fun!


Leslie said...

that was a fun, fun, fun few days.

devon lorraine ... said...

i loved seeing everyone! and i hadn't heard the backstory about how tara asked you!