Friday, June 3, 2011

did you know that i used to teach?!?!

that's a silly question as most of you do, but it seems like so long ago i don't remember sometimes!  anyway, i got two friend requests today.  from two girls i taught, when they were like, 8!?!?!?!  i went to write on one of their walls and this is what i saw:

Aye Jamie, remember Ms. Costanzo from like 4th-5th grade?
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i especially like how surprised lacey is that i have a 'kidd'!!! so funny. and hey, lacey, i believe i taught you the correct way to spell kid....


Leslie said...

you'd think with that last name, you'd never forget someone else's.

tricia said...

this is the SWEETEST thing to find! love.

devon lorraine ... said...

was it a 4/5 combo or was elementary school sooooooooo long ago for these girls that they just can't remember which grade it was?

this is too cute.

Amanda said...

that is so sweet! I was thinking the other day how when I was in grade 4 we had a student teacher for a month and at the time she seemed so old....but in reality, she must have been 20 or 22. Crazy.

Those silly kids....or 'kidds'.