Saturday, June 25, 2011

quintessential father's day

oh, father's day!  always fun, a little unscheduled, and full of daddy activities!

this year, jack and i were feeling a bit sick - he's actually still suffering, and it's thursday, poor little guy.  instead of the big breakfast i had planned to make, we chilled in bed until almost noon!  we watched cartoons, cuddled, and dozed on and off.  a bit nicer than dirtying up the kitchen!

pete rose to these fun decorations, which were selected by jack from some free printables les and i found (jack definitely selected the one les found!).  there was a banner, too, but apparently i didn't take a pic!

all sorts of camping supplies for our trip on the 24th
best brownies ever and daddy's fav
ghirardelli double chocolate with milk chocolate frosting
i made signs describing our day
food choices, activity choices
obviously (as in a few father's days ago), we went to the small airport in concord, buchanan field:
jack wanting to 'fly you somewhere'
taking daddy to 'mexico'
and we ended the day bbqing with my family at the pond.  it was a warm day, and the pond breezes were amazing!  jack also caught more fish than anyone, as usual :):


Leslie said...

do you guys stock the pond still?

Leslie said...

obviously, jack has awesome taste!! :)

jen said...

we don't have to anymore! they make their own babies, etc. i think we even caught a weird hybrid of a blue gill and something else.

jack's full of great ideas!