Monday, September 17, 2007

five-month ultrasound

cute, huh?

we had our five-month ultrasound today. baby green is growing so well! i am doing such a good job :). this is the appointment that requires extra attention from the ultrasound operator, so it wasn't a chatty appointment, but very neat just the same. guests aren't allowed in the room until the end and pete wasn't able to be there, so i was all alone watching our baby move for about an hour. the operator takes shots of all sorts of cool things: ventricles of the heart,bladder,umbilical cord, etc. taking a profile was difficult because apparently babies in utero find their thumbs around this time! we had to 'catch' the baby with their thumb out for a profile pic - in the picture above, you can see his/her hand just above the head. the operator also measures the baby and stated an expected due date of january 28th. i guess due dates don't change from this check-up unless they are 14 days different than the original estimate -- looks like february 3rd holds ground!

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