Friday, June 10, 2011

y is for young photographer

jack is totally into taking pictures! i can't wait for an excuse to gift him a digital little-boy camera!! last night, he grabbed my hand and said, 'mommy, get your camera! let's take pictures of our doggies outside!' not sure if he was just delaying the inevitable start to the bedtime routine or what (and if so, what a great distraction!!), but regardless, i grabbed my camera and headed outside with my young photographer. he chose all subjects and clicked, i just stood behind him keeping the camera strap around my neck - you never know when a 3yr old might get bored and drop the toy!!

bailey did not appreciate the invasion of her privacy...
pepps and bailey looking for sticks
our birch trees
mommy, the flowers are beautiful!
oh!  my golf club!
put your foot in, mommy!  look at our feet!
i had obviously changed into pjs :)
my swing set, too!
the bottom right hand blur is pepper.
and then, i guess, taking the pictures got a little passe.  so i grabbed a shot of jack starting to throw a stick to pepper:
and then i bonked the little guy in the head (my eye on viewfinder, not on child).  he got the biggest kick out of it!  i didn't stop to see if he was ok, i just took the photos:
laughing hard!
describing the 'bonk'
it was hilarious to this tired little boy!

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Leslie said...

aw, fun! where are the phone pics of all his backyard toys?